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Free and delicious!

Welcome to the world of fresh and delicious gluten-free bakeries!

The gluten and lactose free Glulu bakery products are made with natural ingredients and selected quality, including sorghum, buckwheat and brown rice flour , without added preservatives .  

Our high quality fresh bakery products and pastry cookies,  thanks to their high fiber content, have a beneficial effect on digestion and can be perfectly matched with gluten and lactose free diet, but also for those who are in the conscious diet.

Our products

Due to the craftsmanship of our bakeries, all our products are made with lots of love and care. Enjoy the unique flavor of Glulu!

Our products

Our fresh, delicious, gluten-free baking products are made from sorghum blend and are gluten-free, lactose and preservatives free of any kind!

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Our unique business in the region offers food allergies for everyday meals.


Free life

"... Happiness is like a wall of bread ..." Those who are celiac, so long to have a mouthful of delicious, gluten-free bread, like happiness.


Glulu product points nationwide

Glulu's free and fine bakery products can be purchased at many points in Hungary. Use the map below to find out which shop is closest to you, where Glulu can buy gluten-free products! You can use the plus, minus buttons or the mouse wheel to zoom in and out to see the stores better. If you click on the Glulu logos, you can learn more about the product point.