FreeFrom Hungary Ltd is the manufacturer of Glulu’s Free From functional snack, biscuit and deep frosted bakery products. We run two separate, gluten free production site, certified by the European Coeliac Society ( and the Europen Vegan Society (

Our company’s mission and objective is to provide convenience food solutions for customers with multiple food allergies and diets. Our productions main focus is on gluten free products for people with coeliac disease, diabetes and those on vegan diet. We recommend our snacks and cookies to all consumers, interested in a nutrition-conscious and healthy way of life.



Our product range contains a significant variety of products that are sugar-free or have no added sugar in them. According to our international market research, our free from products (free from multiple allergens) are unique in the sector. We produce sweet cookies in 8 different flavors and savoury snacks in 3 tastes. Only four of Glulu's snacks contain fine sugar.

Glulu’s Free From “long-shelf-life” snack products are made from premium quality, gluten free ingredients based on rich-in-fibre flours and all natural additives. 

We are proud to have products, that are recognised by the sector, internationaly. Three of Glulu’s snack products have received ’1*” (1 star) on Great Taste Awards in 2019 and 2020.

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Deep frosted bakery products

Besides the snack portfolio, we established an award winning, premium quality gluten-, lactose- and egg-free, deep frosted bakery product sortiment. Our gluten free scones come in three tastes: with cheese, with farm cheese and a plain one. 

Recently we developed an alternative, low cost version of our scone range. The new BASIC products have the same, great taste as the premium ones, but only free from gluten. We are much proud, that three of our deep frosted bakery products got awarded in Hungary by Mentes-M, and our deep frosted product portfolio itself, received the Innovation of the year prize, at Inno d’Or 2021.

Our new production site, dedicated to deep frosted bakery production is tailored to fulfill IFS certification requirements. This new facility has increased our production capacity, allowing us to accept white label production requests.

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In order to get the most updated information on the market, we permanently monitor our competitors. We put huge effort in our professional development. Our management participates on relevant, food industrial conferences, trainings, visit and exhibit on the most prominent national and international food fares. We have an active co-operation with the Association of Hungarian Coeliac Society, Association of Hungarian Bakers, Central European Economic Development Network, and Enterprise Europe Network.

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